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brought up for the 4 inch guns, which are posted at the stern.
This was the cause of some rumors to the effect that the Turks were marching on Aden and the A.I.E. Force were to land there and prepare for action.
Land in sight at 1 pm. Arrived outside Aden at 4.15. Dropped anchor at 4.37.
The rest of the fleet and two warships were waiting for us here Its coast is rugged but unique. On the top of one of the cliffs which towers high in the air is a lookout station. The rocks are jagged and like a saw. To me it seems inaccessible.
This is where the 3rd Grenadiers were sent when they mutinied some 13 or 14 years ago. We will only stay here for about 12 hours.
Copy of wireless received Berbera Signal station to-day

Current Status: