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Leuit Col. Dobbin presented the prizes for the rifle competion.
Mileage 257.
Very windy but fresh Sea becoming very rough. The air is quite cold at night to-night being the coolest we have had so far.
Still blowing very hard Sea a bit rough. Expect to land very shortly.
The wind to-night was very severe and during the night it blew a hurricane I was sleeping on deck and the wind cut like a knife in fact it was impossible to get warm
December 1st
Sea choppy Air cool. Heavy wind still blowing.
There is land on either side of us. It is rough and sandy not a tree or bit of green stuff to be seen. But there are plenty of lighthouses and beacons.
Arrived at Suez 12 noon Dropped anchor at 12.35. There are two warships here. There are also to be seen plenty of sharks in the water near the boat.
Some native craft came

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