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with plenty of work. Quite a contrast from the boat which was just the opposite though the food was bad. It is fairly warm during the day, but at night it is very cold.
Camels are pretty plentiful and the horses shy like [blofes?] at them. If we stay anytime here I will soon learn the language. The French language is fairly prevalent here.
Beautiful day but very cold early in the morning.
Pay day drew £ 6 00. On leave till 10.30 pm Went to Cairo. It is a fine city, but the natives are a nuisance they pester you to buy things. There is one hotel. The Grand Continental which is the Australia of Cairo.
Heavy mist till about 8 am The pyramids were hardly discernable.
Appointed for special patrol duty to keep natives in their place etc. I am mounted, and it promises to be a good job. I have been extremely lucky in securing good jobs all through. I start at 4.30 am.
Very cold in morning but warmer in day.
Patrol strenuous. In Cairo bought several views to send home.
Home early.
Very misty, in fact it was so bad

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