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from Freemantle [Fremantle] escorted by two Japanese cruisers.
Everyone is talking about the prophesy that the A.19. would go down on her Second day out They Say it is going down to-night at 11.55. Rot!!
"Gmynastics" to-night. Had gloves on with Jack Clark Good time. –
Sea gone down to heavy swell and ships rolled all night. I have no hammock and am sleeping on the troopdeck so which ever way the ship rolled I rolled too
Nov. 4th
Heavy. Swell. Dull day, Dead horse thrown overboard from the "Shropshire" Boxing tournament to-day at 2.30. It was a bit of a freeze. Too many forfeits Bob Mayman had a victory.
A very close night.
Nov. 5th
Glorious morning I am up on winch deck enjoying morning Sun while the rest are drilling We are in the tropics now and are beginning to feel the Sun
The food was pretty bad to-day although it has been improving. I have not had

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