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Later. Wireless from Berbera Union Jack hoisted at Basrah 23rd. Estimated 2000 Turkish wounded brought these after occupation.
During the day and practically all night there were numerous Indian troopships passing us outward bound.
We were in sight of land all day.
Mileage 60.
Morning broke fairly warm, but fresh.
8 am. We are now passing Some small islands which are called the twelve apostles.
The New Zealand ships are right out in front of the "H.M.S. Hampshire". They are to be seen just on the horizon I do not know if there are any cruisers in front of them. There are plenty of porpoises and shoals of dolphins to be seen about here. It is dreadfully warm to-day, in fact the air is suffocating, and below decks is like a huge boiler. I think the cold

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