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Side. The "Orvieto" is the flagship. She is the first ship in our column
There is a cruiser at each of the rear flanks and one out in front. It is truly a splendid spectacle. There has never been as many ships under one flag on this ocean before. and I doubt if it will occur again.
All lights are put out on main deck and portholes are closed are closed until 9 pm, when they are opened, after the lights go out on troop deck.
Nov. 2nd
Very Rough weather Rain at intervals. New routine for ASC.
Lost my Soldiers Pay book.
The "Benalla" and Armidale are pitching and tossing like egg shells
Still very rough. Ship very steady compared to the rest. Feel sick. Have a very bad head Pay book found by Lance Corporal Woolman. 2/6 Reward to pay Pay Day. Only received 14/-.
3 pm Sea very high now. The "Medic" and "Ascanices" came into column

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