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that I lost my way for a while. It was impossible to see 2 yds in front.
Rode over to the pyramids during the afternoon and round the sphinx. Had my fortune told by arab for 2 piastres (5d). He is right in one thing only all the rest was wrong.
Still misty. Up at 4 am, very heavy day. Horses broken into harness and waggons.
Called out of bed at 8 pm to saddle up & patrol main guard, back at eleven. Very tired.
As usual misty. Natives very unruly and lazy. It took some time to get them to work.
Met Reg Passo from Lane Cove, Sydney. He came with the 4th Battalion Infantry. Great surprise on both sides.
Mail in. None for me worse luck. Went into Cairo to register and post some views.
All the city was ablaze with lights and decorated with flags the Union Jack & French Flag being most prominent. The Imperial Force's military band was playing on the verandah of the Continental Hotel. There will be a grand celebration to-morrow (Sunday) The New Sultans birthday.
Returned to camp at 11 pm after a fairly good night.

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