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and it was quite obvious that it would never sink On it were perched six Cingalees, one of whom had only one arm, which was severed at the shoulder. They were absolutely naked except for a bit of cloth around their loins and of course were coal black.
They gestulated and Sang out in pigeon English to throw "One shilling" "Two shilling" "All right. Get Him" meaning they would dive for them which they did and always caught them before they reached the bottom. They never missed a coin, but would not dive for coppers as they said they could not see them. They caused us small amusement where on being asked to sing, Sang "Ta ra ra boom de ay" at the Same time flapping their elbows against their ribs and clapping their hands.
4 pm. There are quite a crowd of white people to be seen on the breakwater among whom are a lot of Russian, Japanese and English mano'warsman

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