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fine buildings to be seen near the water's edge.
Behind the breakwater are several Russian warsh and Japanese warships, all the New Zealand troopships, the Sydney, Melbourne and the "Empress of Asia" which has the prisoners from "Emden" on board.
She is a very large ship having a tonnage of 23,000, and speed of 23 to 25 Knots. Nearly all of them are flying the yellow flag, but I am not sure if it is meant for quarantine.
During the afternoon there were numerous people on the breakwater and the beach. They were all dressed in white and looked fine
Very warm and Sultry. Mt throat is still very bad During the afternoon a native boat came alongside. It was between fifteen and eighteen feet long and was made of three long pieces of wood laced together . and floated practically level with the water. In all it was a strongly built structure

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