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and passed the French Battle-cruiser – the crew of which sang out "Vive-le-Australie" and "Vive-le-Anglais" and when the first Battalion Band struck up "Le Marsellaise" they cheered and cried "Hip, hip, le roi" the nearest they could get to it in English.
We entered the canal at 1.10.
On our way we passed numerous British and Indian Outposts who were guarding the canal.
Arrived at Port Said at 5.10 am
The place itself is certainly pleasing to the eye. All the buildings are highly colored.
They have some curious customs. This morning I saw a native drive two cows along the street, stop at a house directly opposite to where our boat is moored, and when the woman of the house brought out her jug, he calmly sat down and milked the cow

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