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New Zealand troops are to be seen continually going ashore in batches. We have the hard luck to be anchored in the stream so cannot follow their example
It is now the middle of the Indian Autumn. Gee whiz!! What must the Summer be like
Very warm though there is a nice breeze blowing. A tug manned soley by. Cingalees came alongside at about 10.30 am with jam and preserved fruit for the Ship.
11 am. A British warship and Some of the transports including the "Orvieto" A3 Hymettus A1 and "Southern" A27 moved off to sea en route for England via Suez Canal.
We will follow later in the day 4 pm. Tug again Came alongside with goods for sale such as cocoanuts, bananas, apples, and newspapers.
It is hard to realize that we are 5203 miles from Sydney. Nevertheless 'tis true.
7.12 pm. The anchor has just been heaved up. We are continually going ahead, stopping, and going

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