Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 13

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deck and having no shirt on woke up later to find myself burnt all over
The "H.M.S. Minataur" left the head of the fleet this morning on other Service. The H.M.A.S. Melbourne will now be in charge of the escort.
A Slight sprinkling of rain but still very hot Something doing to-day. The Japanese cruiser that was on our right crossed the line of transports and tore west as hard as she could go
Rumors of the Emdem being captured.
11.30 am. Wireless from H.M.A.S. Sydney "Embden beached herself to Save sinking. Am now in pursuit of collier."
11.50 "Embden beached & done for in an engagement with Sydney."
Later "Two Killed and thirteen wounded on Sydney"
"Collier captured".
Getting warmer every day, storm during very during night. Expect to reach

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