Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 12

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a decent cup of tea since we left Sydney.
The Osterley passed homeward bound at 6.50. She was very close and we could read the name quite plain. The passengers cheered and the troops cheered in return They signalled Good bye & God speed and were soon out of sight.
Later. A meeting was held over goods on board marked for troops. They say they were presented to the troops & want to know why they have not received them A committee is too be paraded before the colonel.
Very warm all day.
Practice in the use of lifebelts Had a tryout to join Glee club that is being formed on board.
Gee, but it's hot to-day and the sea is quite calm.
Burial at Sea.
A chap by the name of Kendall died on board the "S.S. Euripides" and was buried at 10.30 am. The Ship going out of her course to do so.
I fell asleep on the winch

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