Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 4

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Mulligan counted out. 8 pm. Ship Sighted on Starboard, wireless messages exchanged. Supposed to be "SS Karoola".
Weather Still Same Nothing to do all day. No land in Sight. Have left Adelaide behind long ago. 7 pm Storm coming up but I dont think it will be much.
Bathurst feigned heart failure so as to be put off at Albany. Strength is he has "Germanitis" Nothing doing. Windy and Sea choppy.
Sea a bit rough. "Euripedes" Sighted. We are nearing this end of the Australian Bight and expect to reach Albany some time on Sunday. Started to rain about 5 pm & everything points to a rough night. I have a billious headache & feel sick. Had a rough night
Oct 24th
Storm gone down. Sea choppy & air cold. Still feeling sick. Head very bad.
Wrote 10 letters yesterday and 5 to-day also wrote two more & Sent one Souvenir photo to Sydney. Food becoming very bad.
Expect to reach Albany to-morrow.
Oct 25
Arrived in Albany at 5 am and anchored in King Georges Sound. Practically everybody

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