Item 01: Cameron Robertson war diary, 18October-20 December 1914 - Page 36

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They look peculiar after the Lorries of Sydney.
The native policemen are also amusing. If a man does anything he does not run him in, but lams him with a big stick or anything that happens to be on hand. He shows no mercy either.
This afternoon they boys on board were throwing money to the natives on the wharf. Gee whiz, you ought to have seen the scramble. They dived down on it like hawks. It reminded me of a football scrum only they were lying down in the mud kicking, grunting and squealing. We nearly burst our sides when the policeman came up with a paling and started whacking them. Say! It was like a pantomime to see the scatter the natives are very frightened of the policeman and the soldiers A very good thing too.
Small four wheeled cabs are to be seen tearing here and there They seem to have no speed limit
There is a railway siding alongside the wharf and everything is in a bustle, all the natives talking

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