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from sea-sickness. Words cannot describe the state of the troop decks below, with men laying about everywhere and vomiting over everything. Several of our detail are down to it, and one member, an Irishman, who is feeling very queer says "Fancy a feller bein after enlistin' twoice". Many of the others wonder why the devil they don't bring the war to Australia, instead of taking them to the war. Speaking of Irishmen reminds me of the following. The wife of a soldier had just died leaving a large family to mourn their loss. An Officer told the man he was very sorry to hear of his loss, when he replied "Yes, shure, it was a sad day for us Sor, the night the hand that rocks the cradle kicked the bucket". About noon we met H.M.S. Encounter, and six other transports waiting for us. The destroyer handed us over to the Cruiser, and after remaining xxx with us until about sunset left and returned to port. The crew of the destroyer would be very glad to get us back, as the little vessel had been having a very lively time in the big seas. The new comers consisted of the following vessels;- "Marathon" "Port Sydney" "Ulysses" "Turakina" "Tofua" and "Pakeha". The "Turakina" and "Tofua" have New Zealanders aboard. We headed down into the south-ern ocean all day, and the weather was very cold. Dick and I never felt the slightest sign of sea-sickness, and never felt better in our lives. Monday 14th May. Sea still rough. Many of the men are still sick. Those who are not spend the day watching the movements of the convoy. The vessels are stationed as follows:- Starboardline:-"Ascanius" "Pakeha" & "Turakina". Centre Line :- H.M.S. "Encounter"

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