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drop the Pilot. The Pilot boat came to within three lengths of us and a small boat pulled alongside. The Pilot then lowered himself over the side, after having thrown the mail bag into the boat. The troops lined the side to give him a send off. Someone said "Have you got the mail Pilot" to which he replied "Yes boys, I've got it alright". Then someone called "Three cheers for the Pilot" which were given with a roar that must have been heard for miles. Eighteen hundred men can make quite a noise when they like. With a cheery "Goodbye and good luck, boys" the Pilot left us, and we steered for the open sea. The night was pitch dark, and when we the lee of the land we found a very nasty sea running with strong head wind. Once again I was at sea, with the spray filled wind whistling through the rigging , recalling to mind many a previous voyage, and the following lines: -
                     Below the skyline drops the shore,
                     The long grim grey backs lift and fall,
                     Against our bows they crash and roar,
                     The engines throb, the Sea Gulls call:
                     And salt again against my face,
                     Is flung the challenge bold and free
                     Of that world tramp who roams apace --
                     The wind -- the wind of the open sea.

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