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we had drill or a route march ashore, and dismissed about 1 p,m, in front of the Town Hall. We visited the Harwin's every day , and on Saturday afternoon we had a game of Tennis, We had a Piccaniny on duty picking up the balls (Tennis de Luxe) At noon on Sunday, 17th, H.I.J.M. Cruiser "Fushima" proceeded to sea, followed by the "Pakeha" "Clan McGilvery" "Suffolk" "Ulysses" "Shropshire" and "Benalla". We got away about 2.30 p,m, and the Cruiser with the first three ships were well out on the horizon by then. A strong wind was blowing and the tow-line parted twice when we were being out from the wharf. Miss Campbell spent the morning throwing oranges and cigarettes up to the boys before leaving. She must have spent several pounds on fruit and smokes. As we were passing the breakwater she stood on a stack of sleepers and flagged a farewell to us. "Bravo Australia", "Keep up the glory of the Anzacs", "Good Luck, come back again". I am enclosing one of her pieces of poetry, and a reply to it written by one of our Artillery men. Everyone had a splendid time in Durban, and we all regretted leaving. The days spent in Durban will be remembered by everyone, as long as they live. Personally I spent one of the most pleasant times of my life. We hopped off at full speed and soon caught up with the first part of the Convoy. We passed them at 6p,m, and raced away for Cape Town at full speed, followed by the "Benalla".
Monday ,18th June. The sea was very rough off the African Coast. We passed a Steamer going north at 10 a,m. The convoy were not in x sight at daylight. We were steaming at full speed through the big seas

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