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That all bugle Calls would be cancelled after sunset, for the rest of the voyage. We were also notified that if anyone fell overboard the ships would not stop to pick them up. The submarine Guards were ordered to be on duty day and night for the rest of the voyage. Some excitement was caused at 5 p,m. A steamer was sighted on the horizon on a course that would bring her across the bows of the convoy. When she came near us, those aboard evidently found they could not cross our bows, as we were going at 15 knots. She suddenly turned and appeared to be running away. The "Mantua" immediately increased her speed, and signalled her to stop. Those aboard, evidently did not understand the signal, as she kept going, so the "Mantua" raced after her, at about 23 knots, and fired three shots {two across the bow and one over the top of her) in quick succession. The stranger stopped at once, and hoisted the red ensign. The "Mantua" steamed round her, signalling, and evidently the newcomer was O.KX, as the Cruiser resumed her Station. The stranger remained where she was, with her stern pointing to us, until the convoy had passed, then she resumed her course, passing well astern of the "Benalla". The three shots fired by the "Mantua" will cost the stranger 700 pounds in fines (& 100 first shot, 700 pounds second shot, and 400 pounds for the third) No 2 Convoy arrived at Sierra Leone today, with the "Walmer Castle" and "Orontes". News received by wireless from Freetown. We heard that submarines were operating off the Cape de Verde Islands.
Monday,9th July. Steamer sighted at daylight, O.K. Fine hot day. A big school of dolphoins passed between convoy at 12.30 p,m. 10th

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