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Convoy rolling steadily. Weather fine. Full Brass inspection by the General, about 2 p, m. All hands found it hard to keep a footing on the decks. The hobnail issue boots feel like lead after light deck shoes. Wrote and posted No6 Post card.
Friday,June 1st. beautiful fine day, with calm sea. Cloudless moon light night. Vessels of the convoy would make splendid targets if any fish were about.
                          "Velvet sky and satin sea.
                              Jewelled points of mystery,
                              Stars, an opalescent moon -
                              This is my memory of June".
The boys are all busy writing letters, etc, tonight, as there is a mail closing tomorrow, that will go ashore at Mauritius. One chap is also writing a full history of the voyage. He asked me what would be a good title for it, and I told him that judging by his experience "Sic Transit" would be a good name. The others counted me out.

Saturday, June 2nd. Fine day, calm sea. Various sports held in the afternoon on the troop decks. Quoits, Tug-a-war, Boxing, Skipping, etc. Heard of the sinking of the "Dover Castle" also attack by Anglo-Italian Fleet on Austrian Ports.
Sunday, June 3rd. King's birthday cake to all Messes in honour of the day. All hands wishing the King had a birthday at least once a week.
Monday, 4th June. Fine and warm. Sea calm, with wind astern.

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