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Through. Troops from Australia and New Zealand bound for England to German East Africa and Mesopatamia, are from time to time sent ashore to the Hospital, and when they are well enough, they are attached to the 50th Company until a Transport arrives to take them on to their unit. Our convoy sent ashore several meningitis cases. In thanking us for the collection, the Major said, "We are very pleased to see many white men, and look forward to the arrival of a convoy." We are not here because we like it, but because someone must look after this outpost of the Empire." "When you are at anchor in the Bay, you see the best of the Town, as it looks very pretty from the Bay; but it is really a rotten place, and is known as ' the white man's grave. They had not seen a potato for months, nor tasted green vegetables since they had been in the territory". "We will look after your sick, and send them forward to join you when they are well". On the 6th a thunder storm burst over the harbour at 7 p,m, and lasted for about an hour. The thunder and lightening was very severe, and the rain came down in sheets. The heat was just as bad five minutes afterwards. It is the rainy season here at present, so it must be rather warm when the summer arrives. We were told that people who peg out here, are supplied with blankets in Hades, because they feel the cold when they arrive there. In the afternoon, some of our men were foolish enough to dive over the stern for a swim. There is an eight knot current running in and out of the Bay, so they were soon being carried away from the ship. One man dived after them when he saw they were in difficulties and

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