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Astern. great care is being taken to show no lights. If a man attempts to light a cigarette, the submarine guard nearest gives a roar that causes the smoker to extinguish the match. I think cigarettes should be barred on transports, and no smoking allowed after sunset. The average smoker is a very selfish animal, and should be put under restraint. Although smoking is allowed all day, one would think some of the fellows would drop dead if they did not have a cigarette.
Tuesday, June 5th. Land sighted early in the morning. A chap woke me up about 5.30 a,m, and told me " land was on the starboard bow". I told him to get a boat hook and push it off, and turned over and went to sleep until reveille, 6 a,m. I then turned out and saw the tops of several mountains ahead. There was great excitement among the troops at the sight. I don't think there was more fuss on the ships of Columbus when the new world was sighted. We steamed along the coast all the morning. One headline looked like an enormous head of Queen Victoria as she appeared on the coin after the Diamond Jubilee; I never saw a better likeness before. The island is very mountainous, and has beautiful green slopes near the sea, evidently sugar cane Plantations. We steamed round the head of Queen Victoria and sighted smoke on the horizon. Someone said it was a german submarine. Someone else said "submarines don't smoke" He was told they did here, as tobacco was so cheap. The stranger proved to be one of our new exscort, a three funnelled Cruiser, flying the Rising Sun of Japan. H.M.S.Doris handed us over to the newcomer

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