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Saluted, while the haunting notes of the Last Post rang out on the trumpets. The ensign was then hoisted to the top, and the other ships did the same. The convoy then proceeded on the voyage. Our late comrade lost a brother at Gallipoli, one in France, and his mother died a fortnight before leaving Melbourne. Some families have quite a lot of luck coming to them. We had some very heavy rain squalls during the afternoon, and we saw some sea-gulls so we are evidently nearing land again.

Monday, June 11th. Dull day moderate sea. At midday the centre ships of the convoy, viz; the Jap Cruiser, "Ulysses" "Shropshire" and "Benalla" steamed ahead full speed, and as soon as we were clear of the other ships, the second Jap Cruiser turned to port astern of the "Benalla" and took charge of the remaining ships, thus making two convoys. The other ships looked very fine strung out in two lines as we left them. It gave us an idea of what a fine sight the people of Freemantle must have had, as the whole convoy steamed out of the Roads. At sunset the second convoy was strung along the horizon showing plainly against the sky line in the following order:- second Jap Cruiser, "Ascanius" "Marathon" "Turakina" "ClanMcIlvery" "Suffolk" "Pakeha" "TOfua". It is rumoured that they are going to CapeTown, but whether it is true or not, time will tell. We expect to arrive at Durban early tomorrow morning, so I will close this letter tonight. We had some very severe rain squalls tonight, otherwise the weather is O.K. Our ship is not moving, but the Cruiser is rolling very heavily. Warships apparently, are

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