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of H.M.S. "Doris" H.M.A.T.'s "Ullysses" "Shropshire" "Benalla" "Marathon" "Suffolk" "Ascanius" Clan McIlvery" and H.M.N.Z.T's "Turakina" "Pakeha" and "Tofua". All hands are now in tropical suits, and physical drill is the order of the day. We also have lectures in the afternoons, so that we will not forget all that we have been taught during the last few months. Speaking of lectures reminds me of the following:- An instructor once said "Give me the name of the bones in the human skull". To which the man replied " I've got them all in my head sir, but I can't recall their names". A sharp look out is now being kept on all vessels, and it was responsible for some fun today. One of the units was exercising with a medicine ball (a leather ball, larger than a football) wheb it went overboard. The "Benalla" was following us about a quarter of a mile astern. Those aboard her evidently thought it was a mine, as she turned sharp to starboard and circled round, giving it a wide berth.
Thursday 24th May. Fine warm day. Sea as smooth as glass. During the night one of the convoyn signalled that something was wrong with her steering gear. The Escort sent up a blue rocket, and the Convoy stopped until the repairs were completed. At 1.30 p,m, the convoy again stopped while the "Marathon" transferred some officers and men to the "Clan McIlvery","Benalla" "Suffolk" and "Shropshire". They had been left behind when we left Freemantle, and were brought out in a Tug, and, as the "Marathon" was the only member of the Convoy visible, they were all put on board her, to be all transferred to their ships at the first opportunity. Friday

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