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Comer, and steamed over to another Cruiser (also Japanese) that was approaching. That was the last we saw of our plucky little escort that had brought us from Freemantle safely. After handing over reports and papers to the Jap Cruiser, she headed along the coast for Port St Louis. The first cruiser signalled to the convoy and headed south, steaming slowly, at about 3p,m. After completing business with the "Doris" the other Jap Cruiser (who was evidently the Flag-ship) put on full speed and caught up to us about 5.30 p,m. As she passed us we dipped our ensign, and "Gabriel" (the Trumpeter) sounded the "G", and all hands stood to attention. We then increased speed to ten knots, and the island of Mauritius soon disappeared below the northern horizon. And that was all we saw of this small outpost of the Empire. A range of rugged mountains, green plains, and yellow sandy beaches.

Wednesday, June 6th. At 3 a,m, we passed the Island of Re-Union,a possession of our gallant Allies the French, and about eighty miles sou-west of Mauritius. At 6a,m, it was showing on the north-western horizon, and appeared to be more regular in formation than the latter, The day was fine and warm, with a calm oily sea. It was a very beautiful sight watching the moon rise out of the ocean. It is just a day past full moon, and it rose a beautiful golden ball, and the ocean for miles looked like molten silver.

Thursday June 7th. Fine day. Calm sea. Full dress inspection of A.M.C. Everything O.K. and all movement were carried out in a smart soldier like manner. (Ahem) Friday

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