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Friday, 25th May. Sea very calm. Beautiful warm day.
Saturday 26th May. Sea calm, with slow swell. Boat drill at 11 a,m heard that "Transylvania" has been torpedoed. Rumoured that a P& O and an Orient Liner also sunk near South Africa. Today various sports were held on the troop decks. Several bets being made as to whether we get smacked or not.

Sunday 27th May. Sea very calm. Beautiful weather. Church Parades were held morning, afternoon and evening. The convoy are now travelling very close together. The submarine guards are now stationed round the ship, on the lookout for enemy submarines or raiders. As one fellow said "Anyone would think there was a war on".
Monday, 28th May. To day the N.Z. Transport "Turakina" hoisted her ensign half-mast, and signalled a death aboard from heart disease.
Tuesday, 29th May. At 6 a,m, the "Turakina" broke station and went ahead of the convoy on the starboard side, to bury the unfortunate New Zealander who died the previous day. At 7.45 all ships of the Convoy hoisted their ensigns halfmast, and the "Turakina" stopped. At 8.15 she hoisted the flag to the top (denoting the end of the burial service) and the convoy hoisted theirs also. By this time we were almost abreast of her, so she steamed over to her station in the line. When she had arrived in her place all the ensigns were lowered. Everyone said twas real hard luck to go out so soon, after all the training, etc, without striking a blow. Kismet.
Wednesday, 30th may. Another beautiful fine day with calm sea.
Thursday, 31st May. Heavy swell during morning. Vessels of the

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