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Sunday.15th. Fine day. Smooth sea. Thick fog came on after midday. We were three days sail direct from New York. All day we kept a good lookout for sub's, as we were passing through the prohibited area. We sighted a large whale at 11 a,m.
Monday ,17th.Dull day. Thick fog, calm sea. We sighted a ship in full sail, at 9 a,m, she soon disappeared in the fog. About noon a school of whales cake between the convoy. They were quite close, and we could plainly hear the water being ejected from their blow-holes. Every one was asking for the "Benalla". At 20 minutes to 3 p,m, a Destroyer came out of the fog. Our Lookout at the mast head saw her at the same time as the submarine Guard. She must have seen us at the same time, as they had scarcely hailed the Bridge, when w got three flashes from her Morse. Our Escort placed herself between the Destroyer and the convoy in case of accidents, but she proved to be the Flotilla Leader sent out to escort us into port. We sighted five others in quick succession, tearing along through the sea. They were only seven minutes late at the appointed place, which was a smart piece of navigation, considering the fact that, for over two days, there had been a thick fog, and the sun had not been seen during that time. The navy lived up to its reputation for smartness, as they apparently found us as easily as if the appointment had been made at the corner

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