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New Zealand & Australian Division
Precautions against Espionage & Reconnaisance by the enemy
In order to prevent the enemy from obtaining information by means of reconnaisance or espionage the following precautions will be taken,
(1) All places along our line where a close reconnaisance could be carried out, will be kept under constant observation by day & be patrolled by night. If enemy attempts at obtaining information are detected, immediate action will be taken to prevent such information from reaching his trenches.
(2) Immediate and rapid fire will be opened by Anti-Aircraft Machine guns on all hostile craft passing near or over our lines in order to compel them to alter their course & hinder observation.
(3) Every endeavour will be made to prevent unauthorised persons passing along our trenches, or entering divisional Areas.
All ranks will be cautioned against strangers who ask questions.
The A.P.M will arrange for police to be on duty in the main saps leading to, & from, the Divisional Areas.
Brigadiers will issue such orders as are necessary to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to the defences.
(4) To guard against the possible landing of spies the A.P.M. will arrange for the portion of the beach within the Divisional Area to be kept under efficient observation both by day and night.
(5) The necessity for preventing information reaching the enemy must be impressed on all ranks.
(Sgd) W.R. Pinwell
General Staff
N.Z. & A Division

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