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August 28th
Musketry on Ranges – Wherever a standing camp is made targets are set up to keep the men's eyes in & to exercise the new drafts of reinforcements, which come along from the Base. Some are Bushmen & some are not. Forty cases of Comforts from Australian C. Fund for the Regiment arrived last night – Tinned Fruit Sauces, Pickles etc some excellent khake shirts for the men – Not the least valuable are the cases for firewood which is always a scarce commodity in these parts –
Leave party back from Port Said. The men were very full up of things going down, they enjoyed their spell As one of them said "The sight of a pretty girl driving in a Gharry was worth their trip". Innoculated again for Para Typhoid Cholera etc – I forgot how many times this is. Thanks for Grazier with Ralph Anderson & Jack Ellis notices- but sooner go out in a fight than by disease – This is a healthy spot facing my Bivy. I can see trawlers sweeping mines off Gaza – I am only 100 yards from the sea

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