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June 20th
Some of the Regiment went for a bathe in the Mediterranean today, only four miles away but I have not been yet – It is heavy sand to ride over & men & horses want rest & sleep chiefly –
Off again at 3 AM or 1,500 as we call it on another 2 days stunt to Johnny Turk – The men in the line, always seem to know long before the officers get orders, what is going to happen – like in the Bush where the traveller can always tell you when each station will commence shearing & number of sheep to be shorn
Hot as Hell- Marched all night & all day – Horses [indecipherable] up wont drink brackish water – heavy sand – Destroyed some wells & burnt some huts, took a few Bedouin prisoners – very rough on both the men & horses – We take our wireless plants with us on Camels when the little oil engines begin to work in the dark it sounds just like an aeroplane & then men tumble out, if very tired a Zep would not wake them
I am trying to write this & get under the shelter [indecipherable] upon my sword – No trees All night another

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