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Bomb practice & Hotchkiss Gun Classes & Gas drill – pity something could not eventuate out of gas to kill scrub and Prickly Pear & rabbits. Feel a bit "dopey" from inoculation but a great deal fitter all round, for my spell in Hospital –
Sept 1st
Sept 2nd
Leave granted 3 weeks in England It will take 3 travelling – I am so thankful - & think I am a lucky man. I will cable from Cairo – Our Brigade is resting here means I get leave – Saddling up now
3rd 4th 5th
Cairo, disappointed again to find no boat available for about a fortnight – I have applied to go to a school topographicals or senior cavalry
Again going to GHQ I may get away Sunday next.
Still marking time – Am sending some baskets made from Nile Reeds by the natives of Asswan , will do for work baskets –

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