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August 7th 1917
This is the anniversary of my birthday wound last year, but I'm not too bad & will be about again in about a month, will try and get to England then later perhaps to Australia if possible Anyway I'm safely wounded now – My notes will give you some idea of what went on – the Brown horse Albert gave me was killed by a bomb on the lines – the smaller horse was killed under me by a shell before I was hit myself – The Cables will have given you the military news, but we well & truly strafed the Turks & there are now 4600 of them safely interned in Cairo – After being hit I lay on the sand with the wind knocked out of me , a N. Zealander came & offered one of his horses which [indecipherable] I rode to the Field Ambulance, was put on a Table, given a dose of ether & bit of shell taken out, bandaged up, given a whisky & cup of Bovril & started for the Hospital – Here I am, Electric Fan is buzzing, clean sheets, flowers, music everything a man could wish for, &the Turks were good [indecipherable] to send me here We are in a big building Napoleon built for his soldiers long ago at Aygassom

[Margin Note]
The papers will tell you about the fight, the Light Horse did it. It was their day out.

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