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August 6th (Continued) duly inoculated with anti Tetanus Serum, one more puncture.
August 7th No3 A.G.H . Sisters to wash one, clean sheets, same old charts – I know the routine well – this my 3rd time wounded in a month I hope to go to England – Very stiff & sore but am really thankful to be alive x see notes x IN DIARY
August 9th I am much better & everything going well – the officers got it pretty hot – Here the nurses are mostly new ones but all are very kind but one has to do what one is told promptly – Several officers are insensible & all night you can hear them rambling on about machine guns bombs etc
August 10th (See Diary)
August 11th a number of men have been in to see me "bushies" mostly – I have got very fat here. Same routine & tucker as in No1. This Hospital was at [indecipherable] & the Sisters all experienced they cursed the L.H. keeping them in Egypt till the [indecipherable] came, now they are happy – got something to do. Some more LH officers came in last night knocked out by camel rides after being wounded – its hell in those "Cacolets" –
August 12 Getting on well – hope to get up today.

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