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June 22
[indecipherable] Desert Patrol off the edge of the map – Our interpreter says "High [missing word] Bully Beef, Salt water, Weevilly Biscuits some flies – no good – I go home" – We went to find an aeroplane that had fallen in Turkish country, We found it & took four prisoners - & carried the engine home on a Camel – One learns that [indecipherable] is good with brackish water – a small fly [indecipherable] is good for such flies which attack one at 9 PM each night – Goggles are good for the glare. There are very few ants in the desert; hardly a bird – but apparently endless stars
Left – at 5.30 PM for Romani? – The whole Brigade fatigued – My horses stood it well – We met 2 Turkish Camel Patrols – both races men's minds work differentle , when called After a sleep [indecipherable] Halt on the march one man charged the NCo who woke him [indecipherable] a Turk – I jumped up once & [indecipherable] in my sleep, the opposite way to my horses – We halt for ten minutes every hour as we are doing the rounds of the [indecipherable] – The Turkish Aviator & Observer walked to our outposts from the Machine

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