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March 11th
Raining still – A cake arrived from London, is'nt it wonderful of the Army postal Service – Turks being driven back & we hope to be relieved tomorrow & enemy Turks over but no bombing. A mountain Battery got a shaking yesterday & [indecipherable] men have been passing us all day – We can see _ behind us quite plainly – it is built on a hill & we expect to be back that way again soon – .
Not withstanding the cold I am fit & well
Our outpost in a Cave – raining all day – Can see Jacko's fired in front – he is jumpy & fires flares & bombs at intervals – We have been successful in our Stand here as the papers will tell you
Still drizzling, we have not had time to bury the dead Turks yet; this hill is littered
With debris of the fight – Expect to go back to __ for a day's spell very cold & rough on the horses up in the hills
The cave I camped in had been used by Bedouins – I am therefore lousy not had my clothes off for a week

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