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Monday May 13th

Returning from Cairo – travelled all night to Ismalia Gaza & Ludd for Jerusalem reached the regiment near __ in dust and flies – Had a train collision broken both engines & my teeth also received bruises, but fortunately no one killed –
[indecipherable] enemy planes overhead – Feel sore from shaking [indecipherable] – Nebi Musa – Tomb of Moses is close here, & is a place of veneration, strange to say to Mohammedans !!!
Move tomorrow to our old camp – here we are on the Wadi [indecipherable] – camped on an old Roman Rd to Jericho near where Elija was fed by the ravens – Down this Wadi the Christians fled from Jerusalem in the days of their persecution. Centuries before this, these caves were inhabited by prehistoric man, now used by Bedouins
16 – 17 – 18 – 19 See Diary
President of Court Martial today – There is a very brilliant star, you may remember me mentioning it in the old [indecipherable] days – it rose then over Ogratina now we are further on, it shines right over Bethlehem. I often wonder if it is the same as mentioned in the "Old Tradition" – I am detailed to raid a village in the morning

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