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ference with the navigation I resented and told Mr Lambton to leave me alone. He said he would have me Court Marshalled and then I would get no price money. On arrival at Rabaul he asked me to write up the ships log. I showed the log all ready written this did not suit Mr Lambton he said he did not want any native guide mentioned. He wanted all the credit to himself. Went onshore and informed the people how smart he had been in capturing the "Samoa" and only for him I would have wrecked the "Madang" He also informed me that he was going to Kieta later and that there was no navigator required only a boy at the mast head. Having had 30 years of experience among the South Sea Islands I find that the most careful navigation is required especially among those unchartered rocks & reefs, and that Mr Lambton with all his boasting is not the man to safely navigate a vessel among them.

J Strasburg.

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Col. W Holmes



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