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Island, escorting us  on the voyage. 9pm passed Cape Capricorn

Sunday 23rd August 1914

passed inside great  Barrier  reefs. at 5pm passed through Whitsunday passage, beautiful scenery. got innoculated against enteric. every care was for the health and welfare of the troops  onboard.

Monday 24th August 1914

4.30 am H.M.S. Sydney left us off Townsville to coal ship, at 7.30 am anchored  off Palm Island H.M.S. "Encounter" at anchor there. Stores and accoutrements served out  to tthe men. Many  of which was donations  from our Sydney friends. Hats, Boots Socks, Hair brushes, Combs, Razors, toothbrushes, Needles & thread, Helmets etc, etc.

Troops sent onshore  to drill and practice. In the evening we had concerts &  amusements onboard. The Australians onboard all behaving well, amenable to discipline, attentive to their duties, Physically fit and as a fine lot of man you could possibly find in any part of the civilized world, all wager for a fray  and anxious to meet the Germans & to capture New Guinea.

Tuesday 25th August 1914

At anchor  off Palm Island. Troops drilled onboard and onshore same as yesterday. 5.30pm HMS "Sydney" arrived from Townsville, Several of her officers paid us a visit, cheerful news recieved

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