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at Rabaul

Monday 14th Sept 1914

Many of the German prisoners taken the Oath Neutrality. Number of German prisoners sent to Flag ship. Mrs Kauman in town detained by Head Office over night much put out. Submarine AE1  32 men  disappeared. last seen off Cape Gazelle seen at 3 pm.

Wednesday  Tuesday 15th Sept. 1914.

Whitman reported to be at [indecipherable] by his servant.

Met General Wylde Father in law of Capt Möller. The French armoured Cruiser Mont Calm arrived in the harbour. German Governor met Col Holmes & Capt Stevenson to day at Herbertshöhe 11 am.

Wednesday 16th Sept 1914

N.G.Coy S.S. "Madang" arrived from Kieta, Passengers Mrs M.A. Horgren and two German Surveyors. Capt Bernard 2 white officers 2 Engineers 5 Chinese firemen  1 chinese Cook 30 Native Crew 20 Govt return labour from Capt Dollinger, no food 5 Labour 4 servants 14 Chinese 3 plantation overseers. white. all were instructed to be ready to leave ship at 2 pm (taken prisoner of war. & steam kept up no news of submarine. search vessels employed looking for her.

Thursday 17th Sept. 1914.

Started to coal "Berrima" employed 85 Chinese @ 4/- per day of 8 hours refused to do nightwork German Governor surrendered unconditionally at Herbertshöhe. all his forces to come in and surrender on Monday next (very lenient) too damn soft. what time would the Germans give us to surrender.


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