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[Page 51]

address to Natives at Rabaul New Britain after the hoisting of the English flag.

All boys bilong na  all place, you savy big fellow Master he come now; he new fellow master, he strong fellow to much, you look him all ship stop place; he small fellow ship bilong na him; plenty more big feller ship stop place beilong na him;  now he come here he take him all places; he look out good you feller, now he like you feller, look out good along him. Supposing other fellow Master he been speak you, you no work along new fellow master "he gammon. Suppose you work good with this new feller Master he lookout good along na you, he lookout you job good feller Kaikai, he no fighting black feller boy along nothing.

You look him new feller flag: you savie him, he bilong British (English); he now better than other feller;  Supposing you been making paper before this new fellow Master come, you finish time along na him first, when finish time along na  him, you like to make him new feller paper long  man belong new feller Master he look out good along you, he give you good feller Kaikai. Suppose you no look out good along him, he [indecipherable] to much, British (English) new feller master he like his black feller man to much, he likes you all the same you picaninni along him. You got black feller master belong you, you look out good along him, he all same



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