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Sunday 13th Sept 1914

A.M. Bombarded Herbertshöhe. Took many German prisoners. 3 pm Hoisted the Brittish flag at Rabaul. about 1500 Naval & Military men formed a square around the flag staff also about 500 Native police Many local residents also attending. The Australia fired a salute of Guns upon hoisting of the flag. Our men gave three hearty cheers. local people silent & submissive. After the proclamation was read. The forces marched through the town followed by the natives, the Band of the flag ship attending. After the disbanding of the troops the natives numbering about 500. marched up to the square opposite the Government office and where addressed by Capt Wilkinson. it was given in pidgeon english drafted by me and the natives fully understood the meaning of it & gave three hearty cheers for the Brittish. from my own personal Knowledge of the natives & their disposition towards the Germans & the English I am sure they would much sooner be under English rule than German.

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