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Friday 11th Sept 1914

7 am arrived off Rabaul. Sent ships launch up the harbour sweeping the passage for Mines. Flag ship patrolling outside returned at 10 am with a prior NDL. Steamer Sumatra. "Berrima" proceeding to Kabakaul where we landed about 400 troops, two Destroyers [indecipherable] sent a number onshore to capture the wireless station.

Met resistance from the German forces & the Native constabulary who were entrenched along the road to the wireless, we also found a great number of natives up in the tree tops sniping at the men. Dum Dum bullets were also used. Our loss was small the loss on the German side was very great. Nearly all the white German officers & men were taken prisoner & brought onboard the "Berrima", the native soldgirs took to the bush and nearly all escaped.

3 pm anchored at Herbershõhe, in side the "Sydney" in 20 fthoms. 5.30 pm it was decided to shell the place and we had to shift our moorings astern of the Sydney as we were in line of fire. Received news during the night that our men had captured the wireless station. No bom-barding took place.

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