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SS "Meklong"

Dear Laurie

With reference to your remarks on bringing the "Meklong" alongside of the wharf on Friday last, I beg to inform you and your friends that I was not responsible for any seamanship displayed on that occasion, good or bad. Captain Powell Kings Deputy Harbour Master had charge of the ship on that occasion and was responsible for the berthing of the ship which took longer than was expected.  

Yesterday I had instructions to bring the "Meklong alonside wharf western side, it took me only five minutes to berth the vessel. Later I had instructions to take her to leaward of warf & make fast to the "Sumatra". This took 10 minutes.

My reputation in the pacific as a navigator and a Seaman is so well known that it is not necessary for me to take the slightest notice of any comments made by the residents of Rabaul.

Yours faithfully

J Strasburg

Lieut. R.N.R.

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