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H.M.S."Berrima" From Syney to New Brittain

Wednesday 19th August 1914.

11 am left Farm Cove Noon discharge pilot outside  the heads and proceeded towards Morton Bay (Brisbane).

Thursday 20th August 1914

Brisk southerly gales and raining squally weather. 5.30 am passed Smoky Cape. steaming at about 13 knots. Had some drill and gun practice onboard. fired several shots  testing the two guns onboard. two pounders. Ships passing and the shooting heard from shore a  rumour was spread. "Berrima" attacked by Germans and sunk. At midnight we passed Cape Morton.

Friday 21st August 1914

1.30 am received pilot onboard. At 4.30 am [drawing: anchor]  at pile light. During the day swung ship adjusting compasses. Waiting Dispatches. Troops at drill. Met several of the Naval and Military Officers all good men & true. Captain Stevenson Captain in Charge. Brigadier Holmes in charge  of Military forces. assisted by Colonels      .   Watson, Paten & others.  I also met a Captain Bruce aThursday Island pilot, a man of many words and prepared to enlighten self and all with whom he comes in contact. at 11.45pm lift pile light and proceeded

Saturday 22nd August 1914

4.30am discharged pilot Morton Bay and proceeded Northward at 5pm met Cruiser  "Sydney" off Lady Elliott

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