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morning we sighted the "Samoa" laying snugly at anchour in an uncharted, but safe little harbour, approaching the entrance Mr Lambton called his men and gave them instructions to board the vessel and what to do.

He also fired a gun to scare the people onboard. While this was done I entered the passage steamed up to the "Samoa" called out to them lower the boat down so that I could come alongside. We made fast alongside. Mr Lambton & his men stepped aboard, pulled the flag down and took possession. No resistance was offered. One of the officers told me that the reason why they were hiding was  that  to save the vessel being knocked about by our Naval people. Leaving Rabaul Mr Lambton informed me that he was the Commander and that I was the Navigating officer only. He kept running in and out the chart room having two A.B. s with t   him W. Cooper and J. Wills using the parralell rulers and measuring the distance. This part of the coast  when  is not surveyed and Kalili bay is not marked on the chart, so the chart is of little use. Leaving Kalili bay I set a course for Rabaul and laid down to have a rest. Mr Lambton called me a couple of hours later and informed   that he had discovered that Kalili was further north and that he had altered the course S 22 º E or a   ½ degree more to the South. This inter

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