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Rabaul Wednesday 30th Sept 1914

am engage (28) labour from Matupi to work on wharf. also 8 men for wireless operator. Asked Commander Stevenson permission  for me    to stay in the Islands as I thought my services would be of better use to the new Government. To this he was agreeable & would speak to the administrator. Permission granted and I was instructed to remain & to receive moneys due for services & pilotage from pay master.

Thursday 1st October 1914

6am left "Berrima" 8 am took Command of the NDL inter Island steamer "Sumatra" 9am received instructions from Commander Jackson King's Harbour Master to go alongside of New Guinea Companys wharf. While mooring at wharf received instruction to alongside H.M.S. "Encounter" 10.15 am Moored alongside "Encounter". Took onboard Guns & ammunition. 11 am anchored in Stream. Ordered onboard the Destroyer "Warrego" to take my instructions from the commander  Capt Cumberledge.

Reported myself at once to my senior officer. was much impressed by him. He assisted me to get into Kings uniform by giving me the  braid  stripes of one of his coats and one of his officers presented me with two epolets as it was necessary for me to be in uniform, being in Command of his Majesties ships.

Current Status: