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At Rabaul Sunday 27.9. Cont

of the German vessels "Planet   "Komet. & "Condor" Communicated same Commander Stevenson. Flag ship left port. Several nurses from the "Grantala" onshore on leave in the afternoon  our Officers paid them every attention & the sights of Rabaul. (wrote to wife)

Monday 28th Sept. 1914

Latest war new Russians & Japanese war ship. Sweeping the South Seas trying to locate the hidden German squadron.

pm. Went to Matupi secured labour for "Berrima" Received  £10.0.0 from pay master and also paid all chits from "Berrima: (7.3.11) 31 Labour from the missionary Mr Pearson came onboard to work found them most stupid & unsuitable - returned the same.

Thursday 29th Sept

Landed all remaining troops & stores 28 Native labour employed. Received  letters from Sydney from Wife & family & others (first news since leaving)

Wednesday 30th Sept

Appointed command of SS "Sumatra" taken orders from the Commander of "Warrego" went to N.G. [indecipherable]  wharf and to the "Encounter" took onboard Gun & ammunition and anchored in stram 2 pm. Men sent onboard to Mount Gun


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