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The crew of "Sumatra" having lept together with Commander Brown & the two engineers left while alongside of "Encounter Signal was made at once to replace same & I was asked to assist in getting them pm Received full compliment of crew, including 1 Gunner, 2 wireless operators & 2 signal men. Chief officer  onboard  of "Berrima" Mr Munroe onboard taken inventory of Ships provisions, stores, & furniture.

5 pm  Commander C  ship  equi  fully equipped and ready for sea, when Commander Cumberland came onboard and advised me to take command of the "S.S. Meklong" I said that's no promotion he said you will have a better job in the Meklong as she is going to Kabakaul to take way the wireless gear. The "Sumatra" is going to patrol outside and as Mr Elms of the "Upolo" has been with Commander Brown while he was doing patrol work outside Rabaul, he will understand the work better. packed up my traps & left the "Sumatra" and she was transferred to the tender mercies of the Kings Harbour Masters.

Current Status: