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we'll be leaving here to-morrow week, but I think its impossible because the men ar'nt good enough & have a lot more to learn & there are no uniforms in sight not half the horses & we have got to spend days on the rifle range teaching men to shoot.

This picture of the camp is only a tail end of it We are'nt in the bell tents like this but in ones like this [good small sketch of rectangular tent] Eight of us.

I'll give you a plan of how we sleep.

[Sketch of floor plan with eight names – four on each side of the tent]
Leslie Stark Billie Robinson
Willott Clarence McDougall
Sunny Robinson John [indecipherable] Butler
Gordon Robertson Archie Campbell

The Tents are all only 8 by 10 feet so you can imagine the tight fit. The place is full of dust the whole camp is one dust hole. But we dont mind – we are quite happy. We sleep on the hard ground with a waterproof sheet & a blanket only so we are hardened

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