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for a stroll & saw a fight (or what nearly developed into one) outside one of the leading music halls. That decided us not to go inside so we went back to the Hotel & had a game of billiards. We were both very bad but Jack was worse than I was, & so I won We went out and found a cafe & had some chocolate – foreign chocolate is almost always & a nice drink - & then I had to get back to camp & Jack went off to the railway station.

I am living in luxury (comparatively ) & your Jack doesn't seem at all badly off. The food has been good all through. Capt John Bean's lines are some of the best in camp – I see a good bit of him, & I also see something of Harry Butler who is Major 2nd command of the 3rd A.M.C, not with one of the regiments.

Most of the men are splendid – my letters (if they publish them as I think they probably will without censoring) give about the truth. The old South African soldiers, & some old Imperial men are causing nearly all the trouble. They have led some of the young men into trouble which they would not have got into otherwise. I am just off to the Canal for a few days to have a look round – there may be trouble there but if so you'll hear it before this arrives

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